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The Distillery Museum

The cover story     

Just before the declaration of the Greek state as an independent one, in 1840, Ioannis Karonis opens up his own raki-shop in Nafplio.

After many phases and given his love for ouzo production, he finds himself equipped with two distillation flasks and ventures out to learn more about the secrets of distillation.

In 1869, his venture seems to materialize, since he establishes the distillery house entitled: KARONIS.


Pioneers, as they have always been, the two Karonis brothers settled their own unit of spirit production, using distilleries and machinery, far beyond the grasp of their time from Germany and France and built themselves a state of the art factory.

Craftsmen from Italy set up a number of built reservoirs and alembics. The spirit was used for the distillation and the production of ouzo and mastic. It was then that the whole operation took the name "Spirit House", Tegea.

Production grows and the distribution stretches outside the city limits. Now, the products are being transported by boats and by train. In 1947, the firm follows the purchase of its own truck, which widens the distribution points even more.


The distinctions did not take long to come in a presentation in Zappeion-1889.

The next distinctions appeared in Thessaloniki International Fair, where he received golden and silver medals as an appreciation and acknowledgement of his distilleries.

I.Karonis obsession with fulfilling optimum quality of his products led to the usage of top level aniseed and other, miscellaneous flavors, offering thus the unique as well as invaluable recipe of Karonis ouzo, which remains unchangeable till today.

Instilled with the same passion for perfection and the artistry overwhelming, the 5th generation of the Karonis family is pleased to continue the family's tradition, offering optimum level quality of our spirits; a tradition initiated by Ioannis Karonis himself one and a half centuries ago.



The Distillery Museum proudly presents tools, machinery and filed documents of the distillery house dated back from the 1880's. Take a close look at the very first distillery flask and the market invoice from France...and many more.




Live the experience of History first hand!!

To better organize any group visit, do not hesitate to contact us on: 27520-24968.

There will also be a guided tour in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish should such a request arise.

VISITING HOURS:               09.00 -15.00 και 17.00-20.00.
The following days are exempted:

 1st, 2nd, 6th January
Shrove Monday
Big Friday
Easter Sunday
May 1st
Holy Ghost's Day
28th October, National Celebration Day 





We gladly welcome you to taste our products and delve into our savory know-how.


Do visit our website on more information:

Agia Paraskevi, Nafplio, P.C 21100

(Lat: 37.564097580451985, Long: 22.81794905616391 )
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