Between two peaks of Mt Arachnaio ("Papakosta" at 1,199 meters and "Trapezona" 1,139 meters), the village of Arachnaio stands proud, defying the remote and wild landscape that embraces it.

In a distance of 26 km from Argos and 28 kilometers from Nafplion, virtually far from the urban centres of the region, Arachnaio region appears to maintain its character and it is preferred by permanent residents. According the 2001 census, Arachnaio numbered 850 inhabitants, but according the words of locals, Arachnaio has about this time (2011) 1100 inhabitants.

Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in farming and agriculture (tobacco production) and often with harvest seasonal products.


Apart from the active present, Archanaio has a very distant past, and according to witnesses, the settlement seems to have a life of several centuries. We do not know the exact date of the founding of the settlement, but there is a reference to some Arvanites' emigration from Argolikos downs to "Cheli" in 1463, in a settlement that pre-existed.

Over the centuries, the inhabitants of the "Cheli" reserved the dialect and a demographic and cultural homogeneity. Since 1833 (when the first and demographics data appeared) until today (2011) the inhabitants of Arachnaio is approximately one thousand, except 1940, where the number reached approximately the 1930. After the Second World War, there was a massive emigration, when the village population rediminished. Current residents still speak thoroughly "Arvanitic's language", of course with some Greek impurities, thus preserving their memories and their origin and cultural background.


Cheli" was renamed as Arachnaio because of the location it relishes. For the original village's name as "Cheli" many stories have been said. Perhaps the most likely, according to the assessment of residents, is given through a story that says that Cheli was founded by residents of Porto Cheli, who as a tribute have named the village Cheli, to remember their origin.

                                                                          Old Monastery of Talantio
                                                                         New Monastery of Talantio

Old Monastery of Talantio and New Monastery of Talantio are a very important element in the village Arachnaio. Any visitor of Arachnaio will meet the Old Monastery of Talantio at the beginning of the road leading from Arachnaio to Lygourio. The New Monastery is located just before the entering from village to Nafplio. Their history is long and is yet another reason which strengthens the argument for the existence of the village in the same location for several centuries.

More information about New and Old Monastery of Talantio can be found in the "Archaeological Sites - Points of Interest"

Finally, it should be noted that due to its location, Arachnaio has been built on the tops of mountains where it is surrounded by a wind park, a view of which is shown below.

Central Square (Lat: 37.679303104550726, Long: 22.956174015969623)