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Ecclesiastical Museum

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Sacred Temple "EVANGELISTRIAS" Nafplio, houses the collection of ecclesiastical objects and located on the south side of the church, a hall, where together with the chapel of St.Fanourios, a single room and operate as Ecclesiastical Museum.


The bulk of the project dates back to the 18th and 19th century. The icons represent the core of the museum's collection and simultaneously the most important and largest part of and representing each category. 

There are icons iconostasis ( despotic , Marian Dodekaorton , Saints ) , adoration ( destined for the wall or for special shrine ) and images of various sizes for private devotional use. The collection also includes a carved 16th century Cross.

As regards the argyroglyptikis there are a number of gilt sacred vessels, candlesticks , etc..

In the field of weaving are beautifully embroidered with gold, covers for cups .
There is also a collection of liturgical books ( Gospels , month , etc. ) most of which have been printed in Venice in known printers of the 18th century.


In terms of themes images covering the gamut of orthodox doctrinal hierarchy. 


There is considerable variation conventional figurative types of Christ, the Virgin, and many Sts, which correspond to the almanac and Agiologio the Church, but also the needs of veneration and functional use. Of interest are the dedicatory inscriptions with the names of the tributes and sponsors.

    ekkl1       ekkl2       ekkl3

          Banner Resurrection                     The Crucifixion Temple                                                 The Gospel - 1793

    ekkl4         ekkl5         ekkl6

                 Three-week period before                                                  Holy Grail - 1814                                           Agiastoures
                  The 1st Sunday of Lent 

The Ecclesiastical Museum is under the direct supervision of the Church "EVANGELISTRIAS."

The exhibits cover the period from the 16th to the 20th century. and witness the post-Byzantine ecclesiastical art of the region.

The purpose of the museum is to collect, preserve, preservation, exhibition and promotion of all kinds of objects that illustrate the ecclesiastical art of the holy Temple.


                                                                              Night View of the Church of the Annunciation


Evaggelistrias Hill, Nafplio- Pronoia, P.C:21100, Argolida prefecture
(Lat: 37.563823311124764, Long: 22.812552451426654) 

The exact location of the Museum can also be found in Section Map

Contact Number: 27520 27778

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To schedule any tour to our museum, there must be a prior contact to set up specific date and time. 

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