Authority Vice Mayors

Vice Mayors

Vlachopoulos Panagiotis
Vice Mayor of Municipal Unity of New Tirynth


Vlachopoulos Panagiotis, was born in 1952 in Prophet Elias – Saint Adrianos of Nafplio. He is married and he has three children.

He is retired from PPC.
He has served three consecutive four-year city councilor former municipality N. Tiryns.


Lykomitros Alexander
Vice Mayor of Municipal Unity of Assini


Alexander Lykomitros is a freelancer, president and trainer from the year 1989 of the Athletic Association kempo karate in Argos.


He has served as an alderman of the municipality of Midea and in 2008 as a Mayor.


Tzarimas John
Vice Mayor of Municipal Unity of Midea

He was born on 06/13/1977 in Athens and he is currently a resident of Amigdalitsa .

He is a policeman, married, and he has one (1) child.

During 2000-2004, he was elected as a member of the union police officials of Prefecture of Arcadia.

In 2007, he was elected to the Police Association of Employees in prefecture of Argolida and he was Vice President of the Union from 2007-2009.

He was first elected Councillor of the Municipal Elections of 2006, in the former municipality of Midea and appointed as Deputy Mayor in 2009.

He deals with the world of football and since 2007 he has been a President of the Football Team of Amigdalitsa.

Dimas Adrianos
Vice Mayor of Municipality of Nafplio
Born in 1955 in Manesi of Midea, where he resides today, he is active in the business sector.


He has served the last four quadrennials as a Councillor to the former municipality of Midea , being Mayor for three years.


Vamvakas Panagiotis
Vice Mayor Municipality of Nafplio


He is a retired employee of the Department of Commerce Prefectural Government of Argolida.

He is a married father of three children.

He is a former footballer team of Nafplio ¨ Panafpliakos'' and football coach in many groups of Argolida.

He was first elected councillor in 2003 when he held the position of Chairman of the Municipal District of Aria.