Lefkakia is located on the east of Nafplio at a distance of seven kilometers. The village is found on the road Nafplio- Tolo & Drepano. It is built on five hills between the mountain of Makrivouni and Agia Marina. Lefkakia is a unique natural landscape with scenic hills, breathtaking views and plain with citrus. 

Lefkakia was incorporated in the Municipality of Nafplio in 1988 and in the census of 2001 it had 731 inhabitants. Basically, the villagers are engaged in agriculture (citrus, vegetables), and there are craftsmen, private and public servants working in Nafplio. 

The village still retains its strong rural character and traditional architecture with single-storey houses, tiled courtyards and blooming with old wooden gates.

During the last decade it witnesses an intense building activity with homes built, inhabited permanently or occasionally by foreigners. They opt for it because of its traditional structure and its climate and its proximity to the city of Nafplio, and the waterfront of Tolo, Drepano, Kantia an Irion.

                                      I.N. Visitation

The Demographic trends of the last 20 years in Lefkakia is:

1991 - 688 people
2001 - 745 people

                                                                         Panoramic View 

Lefkakia features hotels, rooms, restaurants, cafes, mini markets and generally the entire infrastructure for a pleasant stay. 

Sights- Historical Monuments

As a valuable historical monument, which marks are still strongly, it is characterized by the water supply system in the village, which claimed supply of the village until a few decades ago. This consisted of an underground clay pipe (Kontito) which fed with water from the old well surviving to this day together with the old tank which also survives intact. Important also for the village is considered the archaeological site next to the Church of the Presentation of Christ in the centre of the village. This is probably the temple of the god Apollo. About twenty years ago, after excavations, limestone foundations of the ancient temple came to light. The area today remains private, unexplored and unexploited.

                                                                          Remains of ancient temple
The central church of the Presentation of Christ, built about 1880. 

Equally important religious monument is the church of St. John, on the outskirts of the village, facing west. This temple was built on a hill and ancient tower, most likely dating to the 14th-15th century AD. The residents of Lefkakia, in decades, have honored the memory of Saint John, celebrated on 28 and 29 August and one of the customs is transporting children over the window of the church. (More information on the church of St. John can be found in the "Archaeological Sites - Points of Interest")

On the west of the St. John's church and on the mountain, there is the church of Agia Marina with a panoramic view towards Nafplio and to the east of the Argolida plain and bay, built next to the old church traces of Saint Sophia. Residents celebrate the memory of Agia Marina with vespers and feast every July 19.

                                                                          Church of St. John

Remarkable monument of nature, but unfortunately unexplored in its entirety, is the cave with stalactites and stalagmites, located on the mountain of Agia Marina. 

Particularly popular among residents of Lefkakia is the chapel of St. Thomas which is located in a unique natural setting within walking distance east of the village. Every year the residents commemorate St.Thomas on the first Sunday after Easter, when they celebrate with Easter traditions.

Great natural beauty that offers breathtaking views of the area is the hill Makrivouni. From this point the visitor is able to see much part of the Argolida plains. At one point of the top of the hill, there is a football stadium and the rest of the ridge follows a planting tree activity with the aim of creating a forest recreational park.

Central Square - Church Visitation of Christ
(Lat: 37.55894370810284, Long: 22.860231399506915)