Chaplet Museum

In April 1998, the first and possibly the only Chaplet Museum were born in Nafplio, founded by Evaggelinos couple, who study and collect strings of beads from 1958. They were initiated and taught the secrets of the chaplet in Alexandria, Egypt, where the grandfather of Mr Evaggelinos used to live.

The grand journey to the "chaplet roads" dates back to 1963 and is still an ongoing one. The couple collects chaplets from all over the world- Hindu, Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics and Greeks- all the places where Hellenism found the steady and fertile ground to flourish and develop. (Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt and more).


This is how they got hold of a unique collection of chaplets (1000 app.) which date from 1700 to 1950, made of pure amber, amber-mastic tree, amber- faturan, black (giousouri) and red coral stone, ivory, bone, antler, ebony.

The museum exhibits chaplets from collections in four small compartments:
A: Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim
B: Catholic and Christian rosaries
C&D: Greek chaplets

The Museum has welcomed and demonstrated its items on more than 75.000 visitors from the day it has first started to operate.

The aim as well as the mission of this museum is to preserve the chaplet and familiarize the public with its history.

It is situated on the old part of the city of Nafplio, on 5, Staikopoulou St, on a two-floor privately owned building.


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The exhibition area is on the first floor. The ground floor serves as the Museum's workshop, preserving older pieces and making their replicas from handmade beads which are manufactured in privately owned workshops on the East. The Museum holds the courtesy of preserving older pieces-relics of families without any charge.


There is also a Museum shop at work on the ground floor, which sells the chaplets being made there. A Museum as such operates under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

VISITING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 09.30-20.30 (except Tuesdays)

Address: 5 Staikopoulou St. Nafplio P.C:21100, Argolida prefecture

(Lat: 37.56548379239976, Long: 22.798122167558063 )
The exact location of the Museum can be tracked in the section: Map 

Telephone Number: 27520 21618

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