Department of Theatrical Studies

Department of Theatrical Studies

The Department of Theatrical Studies, of the Arts and Crafts School of the University of Peloponnese began its works in the academic year 2003-2004. The Municipality of Nafplio, acknowledging the importance of such a department, has decided to grant the space and the facilities needed to keep the department up and running.


The Department has been given a number of buildings, such as:

- Main Buildings, Academy (address: Vas. Georgiou& Herakleos). The Academy consists of dance classrooms, music and general education classrooms, with state of the art audio and visual material and computers. There is also a library, conference rooms, computer labs, and a classroom fully equipped with all audio and visual and digitalizing materials.

- Administrative Buildings (address: Vas. Konstantinou 21, Old National Gallery, dance rooms, arts and crafts classrooms, computer labs)

- TRIANON Theatre, located in Syntagma, Central Square. The Municipality offers the space for conferences, presentations, performances, lessons for drama classes and director classes.

- Classrooms for scene-paintings and costume design. (address: Bouboulinas 12).

- Member's Office DEP and EEDIP (address Argous 17)

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Very significant is the contribution of the students of the Department to the cultural events of the city. Conferences, performances, exhibitions and film presentations fill the mosaic of various art activities, which seek to upgrade the cultural "tree" of Nafplio.

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Vasileos Konstantinou 21 & Terzaki, P.C 2100, Nafplio

(Lat: 37.567248410557916, Long: 22.804953753164)
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Tel/Fax No: 27520 96128-9

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