The municipal Heraion stands at the west end Kallikaratous municipality. Previously belonged to the municipality of Midea, it constitutes a natural border with the municipality of Argos, bordering villages Laloukas and Kourtaki.

In the center of Argolida's plain, which is planted with oranges, Heraion is 6 km away from Argos and 9 from Nafplio.

                                                                    Saint Church of St. Nicholas - Central Square of Heraion

Πολλοί στην Αργολίδα αποκαλούν το Ηραίο “Αβδήμπεϊ”. Σύμφωνα με ιστορίες, που οι γέροντες του χωριού θυμούνται και εξιστορούν, στο χωριό ζούσε ο Τούρκος Αβδήμπεης. Είχε σημαντική διοικητική θέση και προς τιμήν του δόθηκε το όνομά του στο χωριό.

Το Ηραίο δεν είναι ένα μεγάλο “καμποχώρι”, αλλά αποτελείται από όμορφα περιποιημένα σπίτια στα οποία κατοικούν σήμερα (2011) 46 οικογένειες. Οι μόνιμοι κάτοικοι του χωριού είναι περίπου 130 και ασχολούνται ως επί το πλείστον με τη γεωργία. (Καλλιέργεια εσπεριδοειδών – κυρίως πορτοκάλια). Περίπου (σύμφωνα με στατιστικά στοιχεία προηγούμενων ετών) το 20 % του πληθυσμού δραστηριοποιείται σε επαγγέλματα μη αγροτικού ενδιαφέροντος.

Many residents in Argolida call Heraion "Avdimpei". According to stories that the elders of the village remember and recount, some Turkish Avdimpeis lived at the village. He had a key management position and his name was given by honour to the village. 

Heraion is not a big "Plain Village" but it consists of beautifully manicured houses where (2011) 46 families live today. The permanent residents of the village are about 130, engaged mostly in agriculture. (Growing citrus - mainly oranges). About 20% of the population (according to statistics from previous years) are engaged in non-agricultural occupations interest.

                                                                    Playground for kids in the centre of the Heraion

At Heraion, the visitor will find three religious temples. Saint- Nikolaos in downtown of Heraion is the patron of the village, where a day celebration takes place in a traditional village fair. One will also come across the churches of St. Nicholas and St. George (the latter is also the church of the cemetery of the village). 

Women's Association of Heraion is very active, with diverse cultural and cultural project.

Every year on July 1, they organize a variety of events. It is worth watching them as spectators or participating.

Central Square - Church St. Nicholas 
(Lat: 37.64403469833207, Long: 22.787908315629352)