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Kondyli (St. Nikolaos)


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Kind of Beach: Thin and large pebbles, sand. Quite large as a beach. Its seabed is for the most part rocky and at some points on the left it is sandy as well. Quite deep, with a steep incline.


Access: Can be reached by car or if lucky, by boat. Leaving Vivari area and driving the road Candia-Iria, you will come across a sign, which signals a right turn for the beach. Once you have turned right, you will see the Vivari Bay and later the Kondyli beach.

Location: Between Vivari and Candia. The exact location of the beach can be tracked down in the section: Map

Facilities: Cafeterias, rented deck chairs and umbrellas, showers.

Additional Information: Free parking areas. On the left side of the beach, next to the wave, it is worth visiting the chapel of St. Nikolaos. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Argolida prefecture and it's not without reason that some think that way. A great spot for those who love clear waters.