The Church of St.Thomas (Manesi-Dendra)


The village named "Manesi", and particularly the "Dendra" settlement may well boast for the small church dedicated to St. Thomas, out in a piney hill. Speculation has it that the present foundations of this church were the home of either an ancient temple dedicated to some Greek divinity or some stronghold, a fortress perhaps of "Midea" village.


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The chapel is architecturally considered a basilica one, yet due to its coating, more information pertaining to its dry masonry has actually been shred. Nonetheless, the wall murals on the interior are themselves stimulating and still they have not been age-determined. 

On the sanctuary's right, a small opening can be observed, which is locally regarded miraculous.

A designated churchyard, just below the chapel, surrounded by pine trees has been made for the visitors' relaxation. Springing water from the rocky surface is also a must, much like an "oasis", especially during the summer hot months of the Greek climate.

It is worth noticing that the view of the plains of Argolida prefecture is quite breathtaking; a sight for sore eyes for those paying a visit to the chapel of St. Thomas.

The exact location of the Holy Church can be tracked in the section: Map