The Shore


In the time of the first Venetian occupation a sea wall had been constructed where the modern shore is now, leaving only a narrow channel between itself and the Bourtzi.

This channel was closed at night by a chain, and for this reason the port was called Porto Catena; in other words, the port with the chain.

The port of Nauplion was developed inside the area created by the wall, and was one of the most important trading points in the Peloponnese, except during the time of the second Turkish occupation.

A little further down from the 'Amphitrion Hotel', about half way down the shore, there was a large 18th century water tank. It was one of the most impressive of the Venetian constructions in the city.

Today, the shore is the ideal place for one to relax in one of the beautiful cafes and enjoy the view towards the Bourtzi, especially at sunset; one may even take a romantic stroll.

The exact location of the shore can be found in Section Map.