The Center for Hellenic Studies (Greece), Harvard University

The Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS GR) is a research center founded in 1964 in Washington DC. Its mission is to support Hellenic Studies and to put forward in an international scale the great cultural achievements of the Ancient Greece and particularly the humanistic values of the Hellenes and their great appeal throughout the centuries.

When Professor Nagy undertook the directorship of the Center for Hellenic Studies, in 2000, he initiated discussions and became the driving force behind establishing a Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, with a view to strengthen and expand the cooperative bonds between Harvard, the CHS, scientists, institutions, and other partners all over Europe.

In 2003, Nafplion Municipality decided to move forward on the renovation of the neoclassical Megaron Iatrou (formerly the home of the Municipal town hall of Nafplion) and to lease this historical building to the CHS in order to house the Center's Greek station. The Center in Greece (CHS GR) opened to the public in June 28th, 2008.


Utilizing the knowledge and best practices of Harvard's research Centers, the Center in Greece is a unique node of Harvard in Europe. Continuing and completing the mission of the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC, CHS GR aims to implement its foundational vision, namely the promotion of the study of the Hellenic civilization, through various educational, cultural and research activities.


The Georgios Vernardakis Digital Library Hall is located on the first floor of the Center. It guarantees access to the more than 70 Harvard's digital libraries and databases (books, periodicals, manuscripts, files, maps, microfilms, and musical scores etc.)
The access to the digital library is open to the public without requiring any connection or relation to Harvard University or any other kind of membership. (Monday, Wednesday 10 am. – 8 pm., Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 am. – 5.00 pm.) The Center's mission can be well described by the short phrase "free access to knowledge for everyone."

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1. The EVENTS SERIES (events, lectures, musical and theater performances, etc.) has become a reference point in the cultural life of the Argolis region and the Peloponnese, in general. The Events Series is a CHS GR outreach initiative addressed to the wider and local community, and it is organized every year in cooperation with the Municipality of Nafplion as well as all the Municipalities of Argolis.
In order to download the program for the Events Series 2014, "The Reception of Classical Models: From the Achaemenids to German National Socialism,".

2. The SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM gives the opportunity to students from Harvard as well as other American universities to visit Greece in order to attend seminars on Modern Greek language and culture. During the program students also have the opportunity to gain practical work experience through internships alongside students from Greek educational institutions, at collaborative organizations in Nafplion. The Greek students visit Harvard University and CHS DC in the fall.

3. The HARVARD SUMMER PROGRAM IN GREECE ("Comparative Cultural Studies Program") is one of the oldest and most successful Harvard study abroad programs. Divided between ancient Olympia and Nafplion the program attracts students from Harvard and other prestigious universities from around the world. The program has unique characteristics and qualities, such as the cultural diversity of the students, and their immersion with the modern Greek culture.

    Harvard3    Harvard4

4. The HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAM (HSSP) is an innovative program that was developed as a result of the Center's continuous outreach activities. CHS cooperates closely with state offices of education, and offers Greek high school students the opportunity to experience university level work and familiarize themselves with the American and Greek university systems, while planning their educational next step. HSSP utilizes the methodology and experience derived from similar Harvard programs, and brings a group of professors and trained students from Harvard to Nafplion in order to implement the program.

5. INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL RESOURCES FOR KNOWLEDGE: THE DIGITAL LIBRARY OF CHS GR PROGRAM. During this program, the digital library of the CHS along with online tools that support research are presented to students (mostly junior high school and high school students) in order to introduce them to digital technology that is currently used by universities, like Harvard.

6. GREEK AND AMERICAN CHARTER SCHOOLS COLLABORATION INITIATIVE. This project was launched in 2009 as a cooperation of the CHS, the Office of Education of the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C., and the Office of Secondary Education of Argolis. The goal of this initiative is to create bonds between the schools of the two countries and to develop joint projects, and support Greek civilization and language.

7. COOPERATION WITH ACADEMIC AND OTHER INSTITUTIONS. CHS has become a hub for universities and organizations from around the world, which organize educational activities/programs in Greece, and for Greek organizations, who are interested in developing and/or implementing activities in the Argolis. Until now, CHS has hosted -for free- and offered its facilities and infrastructure (for programs, research, workshops, conferences, events etc.) to several educational and cultural institutions as well as universities, such as: Tufts, Maryland, Uppsala, Linkoping, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Duke University, Landon School, Chestnut Hill College, University of the Peloponnese, Hellenic Physical Society, Regional Directorship of Education of the Peloponnese, Europe Direct Office-Nafplion, schools of Nafplion, etc.

8. OTHER TRAVEL STUDY PROGRAMS. The Center seeks to develop and implement even more programs. These programs (like the January Term) are addressed to Harvard as well as other American universities, and their goal is to bring more students, researchers, and faculty to Greece as part of their study experience abroad.

The CHS is supportive of collaborations with organizations like municipalities, universities, local institutions, etc. The Center's goal is to support cultural and educational activities in the Argolis, Greece in general, and abroad. The primary mission of Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies is to support and strengthen the Greek education ("Paideia").

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