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The Church of the Transfiguration of the Christ (Plataniti).


Part of the greatest Byzantine monuments across Greece, this church stands at the edge of the route connecting the region of "Plataniti" with that of "Anyfi" awaiting the visitors' admiration and respect.

It is a single-spaced, cross-shaped, domed church, which has also practiced ancient construction material, easily discerned, since there has been no coating on the outside, whatsoever.

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The fully-frescoed interior has probably been created in much later years and has sustained considerable damage, rendering the wall paintings barely distinguishable. The church's assembly can be chronologically placed somewhere around the late 11th or early 12th century AD. 

The bilobe windows of the temple encased by a constant sun-dried brick arch and a ceramic line are also worth noticing. What is more, the eight angle-shaped Athenian style dome is a sight hard not to admire.

There have been conscious efforts towards the church's reformation some years ago, yet, they have never been accomplished.

The exact location of the Holy Church can be tracked in the section: Map