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The Church of St. Theodoroi (Manesi- Dendra)

There seems to be a scarcity of evidence in modern day bibliography regarding this church. The source to have shed some light is one, dating back to 1853, referring to the church as a nunnery, well-abandoned at the time. Nevertheless, the style, the artistic technique of the temple allows room for speculation as far both its erection and usage are concerned.


The architectural schematics bear resemblance to another Byzantine church in the prefecture of Lakonia, St.Nicolaos, in the region of Agoriani, dating back to the later parts of the 12th century.


The church's dimensions 4.6 x 9.1m (including its sanctuary) is cruciformed, tiled roofed and presented without any dome. During the later years, an antenave was added with a wooden roof. Built in plain masonry while at the same time the windows being tiled decorated, suggests that it has been a structure used within the course of Turkish rule. The church can be accessed only from the south gate.

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While the chapel's interior should have been all icon-painted, the coating allows for a few, if any, spots of religious murals to be manifested. 

The chapel lies in the foot of " Palaiokastro", just outside the region of Midea, a term used by the elders for the acropolis of the village and of the broad expanse of Ancient Midea.

The exact location of the Holy Church can be tracked in the section: Map