The Church of St. Andrianos and Natalia (Agios Andrianos)

The chapel of St. Andrianos, located in the verdant hill of the region Agios Andrianos, was probably erected prior to 1743, when it was also icon-painted. A document, written and sent to the Venetians in 1696, mentions the existence of the chapel and remains the most tangible proof of its erection prior to 1743.


Yet, rising rumor among the village's elders speak of an inscription on the walls dated back to 1400. This theory cannot be confirmed, since the chapel has undergone two fire blows, destroying the recorded dates on the sign. Another element to support the theory is the 1743 establishment date, inscribed on an icon, among others. Attention-grabbing is also the fact that the chapel's floor is made of stone. St. Andrianos small church is architecturally a cruciform temple.

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St. Andrianos, the holy protector of the adjacent village (earlier called "Katsigkri"), which has been named after him, honoring his name and his sanctity, is regarded miraculous and gathers a crowd of faithful followers from across Greece. 

Next to the chapel's attractive doors lies a hole with a telltale surrounding it. Upon first glance, one may understand that only the size of a small child could pass through it. However, to date, all those to have ventured passing through it, have managed so, problem-free, irrespective of size or weight. It is alleged that going through that opening is good for anyone visiting the chapel. This hole, aperture is known as "the passage of the stout, possessing faith"

The exact location of the Holy Church can be tracked in the section Map.