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The Grimani Bastion

The bastion, named after the Venetian commander, Francesco Grimani, was built in the north-eastern corner of the Castello di Toro.


Construction began in 1702 and was completed in 1706, as part of the reconstruction work on the eastern wall of the lower city during the second Venetian occupation.

The Grimani or San Antonio Bastion had 4 cannon positions which protected the Acronauplia and the narrow road which led to the Land Gate.

The bastion is four-sided and the lower part has been built with large stones that stick out in the so-called rustic style. The stones at the higher level have been laid in a more even order.

On the north and east walls, the trade mark of Venetian fortifications stand out: the statue of the winged lion of Venice, the symbol of the city's patron saint, Mark the evangelist.


The bastion is still in good condition and is visible from the Land Gate and Staikopoulos Park.

The exact location of the Grimani Bastion can be found in Section Map.

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