Town Hall

The renovated building in the Trion Navarchon Square, which today houses the town hall, has a long and interesting history. It is a two-floor neo-classical building, with a symmetrical fa├žade topped by a gable.

It was built in 1857 to house Nauplion's High School, which was founded in 1833, during the time of King Otto.

The original High School had only two floors, but a third one was added in 1893 to house the Hellenic School. Then the High School moved to the second and third floors, while the Hellenic School was housed on the ground floor.

Nauplion High School was only the second building in Greece that had been specifically built to house a public middle school: the first being in Ermoupoli in Syros. Despite this, the school building had some imperfections: it was dark and did not have good ventilation. There was also no playground, but there was a garden to the front of the building, where pupils could sit during their breaks.

The building was abandoned in 1935, when the High School moved to the newly built building located opposite in Amalias Avenue. Since then, the building has undergone several changes in usage, until 1992, when it was renovated and now houses the Town Hall.

The exact location of the Town Hall can be found in Section Map.