The Arvanitia Promenade

The Arvanitia Promenade, as it is characteristically known by local residents, is one of the most popular walks in Nauplion. It starts at the end of the shore and leads to Arvanitia Square, a total distance of about 1 kilometre.

The whole of the route is dominated by the rock of the Acronauplia with its impressive walls. About half way through the walk one comes across a small church perched on the rocks; a favourite place to visit for residents and visitors alike.

It is known locally as Panagitsa, Panaghia tis Spilias, or Santa Maria della Grotta to the Venetians. The view of the Gulf of Argolis from this spot is unique.


The walk comes to an end in Arvanitia Square. According to local tradition, this area was given the name of Arvanitia because it was from off these rocks that Kapetan-Pasha threw the Albanian mercenaries who had overrun the area in 1779.


In reality, the name is due to the fact that Albanians had inhabited the area outside the walls and to the east of the Land Gate since before the time of the first Venetian occupation.

Further down from the square there is an organised beach area, where one can go to relax, sunbathe and swim.


Moving on from the square, one can continue walking to the east, along the foot of the Palamidi and reach the sands of Karathona; a total distance of about 2.7 kilometres.


If one wants to return to the old town from the square, one should head downhill towards Staikopoulos Park and the Land Gate.


The exact location of the Arvanitia Promenade can be found in Section Map.