The Church of St John the Theologian (Midea)


Even though the region's dwellers insist on claiming that their area has seen the building of a rather sprawling monastery, there is indeed no factual evidence to support that claim, nor is there any written documentation on its existence.

Tradition supports that in the exact location of the chapel, once stood a three hundred (300) monk monastery, which according to the elders, had played a vital role during the Turkish reign, becoming the shelter and treatment stage for the "enemy's warriors". For all that it is worth though; the surrounding area is filled with tiled and stone debris, which might attest to the existence of a settlement there.

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The chapel is a small basilica, architecture-wise, with a tiled roof and two main entrances. The sanctuary is a hemispherical one and its interior has been decorated with paintings as well as a number of icons. 

The chapel's yard also holds a marble inscription to commemorate the victims of war following the German invasion in World War II.

The exact location of the Holy Church can be tracked in the section: Map