The Armansperg Residence

This is one of the most important mansions from the reign of Otto to be found in Nauplion. The building originally dates from the second Venetian occupation, but it was rebuilt in 1831 and the second floor was added.

The house was home to the president of the regency, Count Joseph Ludwig von Armansperg, during 1833 and 1834. Armansperg was a highly controversial personality, and he has remained best known for the conspiratorial and autocratic nature of his policies.

According to witnesses of the time, the house was one of the largest in the city and the interior decoration left nothing to be desired in comparison to the greatest houses in Europe; it hosted receptions and balls with rare, for the time, musical accompaniment on the piano.

At one time, directly opposite the Armansperg residence, there stood the residence of Georg Ludwig von Maurer, the vice-president of the regency.

The exact location of the Armansperg Residence can be found in Section Map.