The Church of Panaghia

The Church of Panaghia, consecrated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the city.

The original church, which dates from the 15th century, to the time of the first Venetian occupation, was smaller and belonged to the Orthodox Church.

In around 1700, during the time of the second Venetian occupation, the church took its current form, a three-aisled basilica.

The interior has a beautiful wooden chancel in the eptanisian style and was created in the 19th century.

The pulpit and bishop's throne are also in the same style. The narthex is a later addition, while the bell tower dates from 1907.

The Church of Panaghia also celebrates the memory of Aghios Anastasios, the Patron Saint of the City.

Every year, on 1st February, the saint's feast day, there is a great procession of the icon of the protector of the city.



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Today, the Church of Panaghia, is a favourite pilgrimage site for visitors to the city and is well known for the procession which takes place on Good Friday, and winds through the narrow streets of Psaromachalas to the sounds of the choir chanting the eulogy.

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The exact location of the Church of Panaghia can be found in Section Map.