The Church of Aghii Pandes

The historical church of Aghii Pandes, which is found in the Pronia suburb, on a side street off Michail Iatrou, is built in the natural rock of a small hill.

Its existence is known from the time of the second Venetian occupation. In 1715, when Nauplion was invaded by the Turks for the second time, Aghii Pandes was the only church in which Christians were allowed to worship, until 1780, when worship was also allowed in Aghia Sophia, a church located inside the city walls.

Surrounding the church was the old city graveyard, where several of the great personalities of the Greek revolution have been interred such as: Palaion Patron Germanos, Nikitaras and Staikos Staikopoulos.

This graveyard was operational until about 1852, when the modern one was built.


Today the visitor can see tombstones from the old graveyard in the floor of the church and the steps leading up to it.


The exact location of The Church of Aghii Pandes can be found in Section Map.