New Tiryns

New Tiryns is a village 5 km away from Nafplio. It belonged until recently to the Municipality of Tiryns, and with the settlement of "Kapodistrias" or Katevasia constituted the Municipal District of New Tiryns and it was the seat of the former municipality of New Tiryns.

Nowadays, it is a Municipal Community of the Municipality of Nafplio, numbering according to 2001 census, 2055 inhabitants.


The original name of the village was "Kofini" and renamed it to New Tiryns in 1953. The people of New Tiryns are mainly engaged in agriculture and cultivation of citrus fruits, apricots and vegetables.


You can reach New Tiryns

a) From Athens via the new archaeological street Dervenakia-Mycenae-Tiryns (140 km). When you reach the end of the new road, turn left and after 500 meters the center of New Tiryns will be found.

b) In the 8th kilometer of the main road from Argos to Nafplion, in Rural Prisons Tiryns, turn left to the new node Heinrich Schliemann and after 2 km, the road leads to the great square of New Tiryns with its impressive church of Holy Belt.

Central Square - Church of Holy Belt
(Lat: 37.607321635203455, Long: 22.818040251702655)

                     Building Rep. Sec. of New Tiryns

The celebration of Holy Belt is on 30-31 August, where you can enjoy ​​one of the biggest festivals of the Argolida's plain. Also, on 20-21 November the residents celebrate the old church of Our Lady of Oranges with nice marble bell tower, constructed in 1895.

                                                                          Church Holy Belt - Central Square of New Tiryns

Great archaeological interest presents the Acropolis of Tiryns, which is a World Heritage of Unesco. It is built on a rocky hill of width 100 and length 300 meters and has a maximum height of 26 meters. The name is mentioned in Ancient Greek mythology.

The city was fortified with powerful and huge rocky walls, the cyclopean. The tradition says that the king of the region, Perseus had commissioned the mythical Cyclopes from Lycia in Asia Minor this superhuman task. Huge boulders, weighing more than 10 tonnes touching in some cases up to 20 tons, constitute the Cyclopean walls.

The size of the wall of the Acropolis impresses the visitors even today along the road linking Nafplio and Argos. More information about Tiryns you can find in the "Archaeological Sites - Points of Interest."

                                                                          View of the Cyclopean walls of Tiryns

At a distance of approximately one kilometre from the Acropolis of Tiryns in 1913 a vaulted tomb excavated at the foot of the hill of Prophet Elias. The entrance-door of the tomb was decorated with frescoes with spirals.

    tiryntha4    tiryntha5
                    Exterior view of the vaulted tomb                                                           Interior view of vaulted tomb

The exact location of the vaulted tomb of Tiryns can be tracked in the Section Map.

The visitor to New Tiryns from the top of the Prophet Elijah may have a panoramic, entire view of Argolida 's plains.

                                                                          View of Argolida's plain from the Prophet Elijah